Tuesday, November 20, 2007


for tom's birthday, i had the first 29 pages of his comic printed. it's really exciting to see it in book form! i only had 4 printed since i wasn't sure how it was going to look. we found a couple touch ups that needed to be done. we're actually going to go back to each page and really touch up everything. i've only done the first page so far. work on the cover some more, possible title change?? and then we're going to print more in grayscale. i don't know if we'll use the same people. kinda expensive, but the quality is pretty nice.

after school special

tom's comic is online! there isn't a set schedule for when new pages are uploaded. twice a week usually? it takes a long time for us to color each page. i've only put up half up of what tom has drawn so far. he's inking a page right now! so do check often, k??

we had stickers made, too. want some?