Friday, May 30, 2008

old people

we went to las vegas a couple days ago to help install some paintings at a persons house. we had lunch at a hotel/casino that smelled like old people. inside was the shortest escalator i've ever seen.
it's like 10 steps high!! i still used it.


grand theft auto, a collab between tom and i

dogs are such d-bags

left hand

another collab painting we did.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

dont see indy4 i left 45 mins into it, not that i spent much time watching it. go see postal if u can, not that u can, like funny games. dont bother going to theatres rest of my message censored , dont waste yr money

Friday, May 16, 2008

win park myung soo, hana-dul-set

i've tried finding videos of park myung soo on happy together yelling/groaning with his mouth wide open. it fucking gets me every. time. i decided tonight i would just tape it off the tv with my digital camera. it's not the best example. i don't know how to embed it in here, but you can click here to see.

in case you're wondering, they're in a sauna.

p.s. uhhhh, that's not me you can hear laughing in the background.................

gimme baby robots

i have a piece at an art auction that's happening tomorrow night (technically tonight? it's friday night, may 16th) in chicago!! there actually should be 7 different auctions happening in different cities in the next couple months and i'll have at least one piece in each show. info from the show:

As you may or may not know this is an auction show and we have work starting at prices as low as one dollar. A great opportunity to purchase an amazing piece of work for a low price. So please join us for the first Baby Robots of the Year. Where/ Chicago at the Co-Prosperity Sphere 3219 South Morgan Street, Chicago Illinois, 60608 . on May 16th. Bidding starts @ 7:00 pm and concludes @ 10:00pm, and if all goes well you will be leaving with your very own baby robot. See you there, for more info please go to


Saturday, May 10, 2008

lil consumer

today, we made some pretty good purchases. i saw that i got my stimulus payment and we thought this was a good time to get a ps3 and grand theft auto iv!!! we looked through our video games and decided to trade in 6 video games and one of our ds's. we weren't sure how much we would get for them but we saved almost half the price. yeah!

our third purchase of the day was this awesome snack...shin chan! check out the packaging inside...aww, look at him. tastes pretty good, kinda like coco puffs. and it came w/a sticker!ninja shin chan!i wish i could read japanese. now i have to collect all of them.

ok, back to playing gta.