Thursday, March 20, 2008

before and after

i decided to show a before and after picture to show why sometimes it takes a week or longer to post a new page. this isn't our full time job (ohhh, i wish it was though!) and so we don't work on it as much as we'd like to. and even when we do, we need a break from doing so many touch ups. it seems never ending at times. anyway, the above is after.

and this is the before. when we first started posting these pages online, we didn't really care about all the black dots and white spaces. but after i had it printed, we found some mistakes on some pages. and then we decided to go back and really fix it all up. we're still working on fixing the old pages. tom just finished working on page 18. i think a lot of it is stuff only we'll notice, but it really does make a difference. we keep clicking back and forth to see what it used to look like and i think it's worth it. better be!

wait, click the image below for a close up...

i've learned a lot of different short cuts since i started helping tom w/this comic, but they're not short enough! the little black and white dots haunt me whenever i close my eyes!! we've had to get his pages scanned at kinkos since their too big for our scanner. but the last batch we got scanned, we found that there aren't that many black dots, which is good (tried to erase the pencil marks better this time)... but they're filled with teeny tiny white dots in ALL of the black lines. it seriously gives me the shivers just thinking about it. we may need to go back and get them re-scanned.

anyway, a new page is up. it took tom a few hours today just re-drawing the chains. i'll start the next page tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hi - go see funny games before it leaves theaters. its like exactly the same as the original, but its fun to see it with other people. too bad there will probably be like 4 other people there. i like movies that are an experience, most are eye candy and the thrill is that its really big and loud. funny games is violent but they dont show it, so it doesnt rely on the gross out factor. i read alot of people walked out of the movie, thats pretty funny to me. they didnt expect a movie about torturing and killing a family might be disturbing? suck it up, people are being tortured and killed in real life with our consent and a fucking movie bothers you? i guess people only like the violence with no consequences as seen in pretty much every hollywood blockbuster or it can be gruesome as long as its patriotic, heroic or exploitive(same dif). dont get me wrong i love watching violence, i just think there might be a disconnect between reality and the filter we view it from thanks to the shit we swallow everyday from tv and movies.

pity bear shirts!

new shirts! i finally made pity bear into a shirt. i remember when we first bought pity bear. this was a couple years back when we were living in boston. i was walking through the toy aisle at walgreens and there he was sitting next to his brother. we decided to get this guy because he looked more angry than pityful. i'm pretty sure they were called pity pets which is why we call him pity bear.

we went back probably a few days later and his brother was gone. i was sad but at least he found a home, too.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


!! another mention of tom's comic online. thanks, createmake!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

here's our... lemonorange tree!?

check out our orange tree! but wait... look closer from the other side...

are those lemons??

yes. yes, i think they are. what the hell? is this normal?