Tuesday, February 12, 2008

painting party

i actually made a painting! it's been a long time, i am telling you. tom made this wood board frame for me last year. it was a couple of months before i drew something on it. never painted it. made a couple shirts w/that design. and THEN! i erased it and drew pity bear on it instead. (see pity bear w/tom in a post below) this again is months later. tom drew the girl because i couldn't figure out the background. and finally this past week, i painted it.

i like it how it turned out.

my parents went out to dinner w/my cousin and her family over the weekend. my parents wanted to give their little daughter a present and i decided to paint her a little painting. i did a couple but one of them turned out to be really creepy and scary looking. but one of them turned out pretty cute but i didn't get a chance to take a picture of it.

then, i got a text from M with the name of his new baby girl, date, and her weight. so, i wanted to make a painting for her, too! but again, they all turned out to be too creepy or scary for a little baby. seriously, i painted like 10 different paintings and was up until one. i finally made tom make one. and of course! totally cute. see pic above on the left. the painting on the right is one of the paintings i did w/some alterations by tom. it's kind of a cross between pity bear, bossy bear, and gloomy bear. ha.

painting chills me out.

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