Tuesday, March 18, 2008

hi - go see funny games before it leaves theaters. its like exactly the same as the original, but its fun to see it with other people. too bad there will probably be like 4 other people there. i like movies that are an experience, most are eye candy and the thrill is that its really big and loud. funny games is violent but they dont show it, so it doesnt rely on the gross out factor. i read alot of people walked out of the movie, thats pretty funny to me. they didnt expect a movie about torturing and killing a family might be disturbing? suck it up, people are being tortured and killed in real life with our consent and a fucking movie bothers you? i guess people only like the violence with no consequences as seen in pretty much every hollywood blockbuster or it can be gruesome as long as its patriotic, heroic or exploitive(same dif). dont get me wrong i love watching violence, i just think there might be a disconnect between reality and the filter we view it from thanks to the shit we swallow everyday from tv and movies.

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