Friday, April 4, 2008


we've been watching a really horrible korean soap opera lately. it's called the infamous chill sisters, or famous princesses, or seven princesses. none of the characters make any sense, they lie constantly, are completely unlikeable... they're either crying or screaming at each other. i seriously don't know how these actors keep doing it.

the story is based around these 4 sisters. the oldest is cheating on her horrible husband w/his best friend. there's the twin sisters (one of them is actually adopted but she doesn't know it) who are the complete opposites. one's in the army and is a goodygoody, the other is a slut&liar because the father completely favors the "good" one. and the youngest gets pregnant by her boyfriend who doesn't want to get married. he blames his mother (who, omg don't even get me STARTED on her), but really he doesn't want to get married because he feels he's too young and handsome to get married to anyone yet.

god, there's way more to this story that i wish i could write out. i mean, i could, but it wouldn't make any sense at all. we haven't even seen all of the episodes. we saw the first one and then didn't watch it for 2 weeks and we just started watching it again recently. it's on at midnight! monday-friday! for an hour w/no commercials. that's another reason why i hate this show... it keeps me up at night because even though i hate all of the characters except maybe the grandmother, it's completely entertaining. and every episode ends w/an unneccessary cliff hanger.

someones always saying they want to kill themselves. the mom has told her youngest that they should just kill themselves because she got pregnant and they couldn't convince the boys mom that they should get married. and then in last night's episode, the mom visited her oldest daughter and saw that she was crying. the daughter told her that her husband wants a divorce. the mom tried to convince him against that idea. she told him to beat her, kill her, she won't bat an eyelash! but please please don't divorce her! and then she went off about how he's cheated on her several times and she's always forgiven him and that he should do the same for her. i mean, what the hell?? AND THEN! she starts slapping her daughter and they're both bawling on the ground and the mom's yelling "how could you do this to your children??"

confused yet? sorry. i'm really sorry.

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