Saturday, April 5, 2008

eggrolls and chips

tom had the sudden urge to make dumplings today. tom noticed that i wasn't as excited as he hoped i would be. they just take way too long to make. we had to go to the market anyway, so when we were there i told him we should make dumplings. he was all, "noo, they take too long to make." sigh. i convinced him that i really wanted to eat dumplings but then when he picked up the wonton wrappers, i saw right next to them were wrappers for eggrolls.

i exclaimed, "let's make eggrolls instead!!"

we never made them before but there was a recipe inside. it's actually easier to make than dumplings since the wrappers are much bigger. we were still worried but they came out so delicious! see?

here's the recipe we sort of followed since i'm too lazy to write it out...

we used tofu instead of meat since tom doesn't eat dead animals.

and since we had the pot full of bubbling vegetable oil, tom decided to make potato chips, too!

mmmm, fried heaven!

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